Wednesday, 23 December 2020

5 Reasons John Mahama Lost his 2nd Term bid


A few days after Ghana president Nana Akufo Addo  won Ghanaians mandate to rule them for a 2nd 4-year term,millions of NDC suppprters are still at a loss why their poster boy and former ptesident John Mahama lost an election he was poised to winning after a 4-yr hiatus from the osu castle-seat of the Ghanaian government.They are still reeling from the outcome of the election which showed so much promise in edging out President Akufo Addo after 4 years.According to the Ghana Ellectoral Commission,the NPP candidate defeated his NDC rival by 51.59 percent as against 47.36percent.

In this piece,celebrityplus highlights 5 key factors that contributed to Ex-president,Mahama,s failed return.


Just like his mantra in the first win 4yeats ago,it was a call to change from  Nana Àkufo Addo who described John Mahama as the most incompetent in the history pf Ghana while reminding Ghanaians not to bring back the locust years.Nana took his campaign of change everywhere in Ghana promising the youths with job,better education and a free Ghana.


Like a de-ja-vu,John Mahama was struck a deadly blow by voters in the volta region,its biggest voters base,a reminder of the same catastrophe 4years ago which led to his loss.Over the years,the NDC had always recorded its victory from this region until 4 years ago when the NPP upturned it.However the NDC"s attempt to wrestle the region back failed again.It is generally believed that voltarians have not forgiven Mahama for tje treatment they got from him during his first term despite voting for him massively then.Its a simple case of once bitten,twice shy.


President Mahama's attempt to play the ethnic card failed woefully this time around unlike in his first win in 2012.This time around,Nana Addo's party NPP garnered an impressive percentage of votes from the region and cut Mahama's chances in no small measure.Nana Addo is from the Central region and he won overwhelmingly at the December 7 votes.Also the traditional powerhouse of the NPP,the Ashanti region stuck with the party while the NDC could only make tiny in-roads.


John Mahama was unlucky to have come into the contest at a time Ghana economy has improved tremendously under Pres.Nana Akufo Addo.Ghanaians neloeve it was Mahama's wrong policies at the time that Akufo Addo fixed for 4 years and were willing to support him again for a socond term in office to finish off what he started.Under Mahama,the Ghana cedis witnessed its biggest slide and inflation rate skyrocketed.All of that culminated in the sharp drop of approval rating for the returnee Mahama and his eventual loss to Akufo Addo.


Another issue that prevented Mahama from realising his comeback dream is the incessant power problem (Dumsor)that rocked his first tetm in office.Before Mahama came into office in 2012,Ghana had never experienced power problem in almost 2 decades.However,Ghanaians were incessantly thrown into darkness during his time and his inability to tackle the issue got millions of nerve on the edge.As a result,so many businesses collapsed.Not a few Ghanaians held this against him and the fear it could repeat itself,if voted, played well on their minds.The opposition launched onto this and based a key part of their campaign on it.

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