Thursday, 21 January 2021

Koko Master DBANJ, Clarence Peter and K-switch endorsed Ned Nwoko Malaria Eradication Project.


Koko Master DBANJ, Clarence Peter and K-switch endorsed Ned Nwoko Malaria Eradication Project.



One of the finest hip-hop sensation and export out of Africa, Dapo Oyenbanji popular known as DBANJ with the top notch video music Producer, Clarence Peters were on a courtesy visit to the Billionaire Philanthropist and Antarctica explorer, Prince Ned Nwoko.


The Koko master was thrilled with the bold vision and strategies by Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation to eradicate malaria in Africa starting with Nigeria.


He pledged his support in fight against the scourge of malaria in Africa. Prince Ned shares his vision of malaria free Nigeria and that it’s possible if we join our hands together to get a vaccine, clean up Nigeria and fumigate the entire country.


The project coordinator of Ned Nwoko Malaria Eradication Project, Mr Chukwuebuka Anyaduba also shed more light on other agenda of Prince Ned Nwoko foundation which includes Tourism, Culture and environment. Project Tourism and the Stars University being the first Sports University in Africa are one of the legacies of former lawmaker, Ned Nwoko to impacts Africa.

Dr. Adebiyi Edun: Exit Of An Icon


The passing of renowned medical practitioner, Dr. Adebiyi Edun has been described as an exit of an icon, whose contributions have had a major impact on the development of medical practice.


ADC zones Governor's position to Anambra South.



Promises to Launch the African Ijele state and cosmopolitan business hub in Anambra state.


To run the most effective campaign code named Operation Akanchawa for All & African Ijele hub. To Kickstart with townhall conversions immediately.


Names Comrade Onyeagba, Hon Eminent and Engr Tony Uche Governorship search team.


Wednesday, 20 January 2021

How CityPeople Magazine plans to mark 25th anniversary


City People Magazine, Nigeria’s leading celebrity journal has announced plans to commemorate its 25th year anniversary this year with various programs and activities. Citypeople which is the oldest surviving celebrity magazine in Nigeria was founded in November 1996 by a veteran Journalist, Seye Kehinde, who rose to become the Editor of Tempo Magazine in his early 30s.


Citypeople which was established 25 years ago to mirror the lifestyles of Celebrities in Nigeria has over the years grown to become the undisputed leader in the soft-sell sector.


In a statement recently released to in Lagos signed by the Publisher, Dr Seye Kehinde, and the Company said, “In the spirit of our Silver Jubilee anniversary, CityPeople has lined up special programmes that will run from January to December 2021 to commemorate a major milestone.


“The programmes, which will run across all media platforms, aims to celebrate the enduring City People brand as well as icons and personalities who have made a monumental mark in various industries from Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Society, and corporate leaders.


“We shall be looking back on our editions in the past 25 years to celebrate men and women of substance who have also remained relevant and in the spotlight for the last 25 years and still counting.


 “We shall be producing 25 Special  pull-outs to be spread over the next 12 months for our teeming readers.”


The statement adds that the vision for the establishment of the company was to be the largest circulating celebrity magazine in Nigeria that will provide useful information that will touch the lives of its readers positively and it has kept faith on that.


Kehinde noted that with the unrelenting mission to enthrone a people-centred reporting of events, City People has remained the pride of celebrity journalism published under the company name, Media Techniques Ltd, as the magazine is the only soft-sell journal in Nigeria with offices and correspondents in major geopolitical zones of the country including Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin, Kaduna, Kano, Abeokuta, and Port-Harcourt.


“Citypeople has stayed true to the vision of its founder over the years not only through its soft-driven style but also by keeping the people properly informed about social activities within and outside the country.


“City people put the conventional daily newspapers on their toes, projecting the areas of journalism that reflect the lifestyle of people who are making the headlines, the publisher maintained.


He concluded: “The weekly magazine has done so well in the last 25 years and has remained on the vendors stand every week without fail. Citypeople has also survived the challenges that hit the print media in the wake of social media in the last 10 years.”


Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Just In: Call For E-Voting Gains Momentum As Social Crusader, Ibibi Tienabeso Esq. Mobilizes For Formidable Structure



The movement for the materialization of the Electronic Voting System in Nigeria appears to be gaining nationwide commendation and increasing endorsement by the general public.


The administrative structure of the movement has thus been unveiled as follows:


The Administrative Structure:


(1) Founder, National Coordinator: Ibibi Tienabeso Esq.


(2) Brainstorming Team.


(3) Action Plan Implementation Team.


(4) Legal Team.


(5) Funding, Support and Sponsorship Team.


(6) Media and Publicity Department.


(7) Experts and Specialist Department.


(8) Nigerian Celebrities For E- Voting Drive Partnership Unit.


(9) Local Councils and Community Mobilization Unit.


In a statement made available to the Press, Ibibi Tienabeso declared that the drive for the implementation of the electronic voting system in Nigeria is indeed a patriotic mission. It is a vision that requires the input and commitment of all Nigerians. “I therefore ask and appeal to all Nigerians to support the movement and crusade for the actualization of the electronic voting system in Nigeria. I especially urge our legislators not to relent in their efforts to make the Electronic Voting Bill a law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Live transmission of the results electronically must of necessity be a part of the law”.


“I also wish to use this opportunity to invite all Nigerians that feel they can play any role in the realization of the electronic voting system in Nigeria, to look at the structures as unveiled and indicate where they can fit in, to help and be a part of this history making patriotic mission”.


The Numbers to call for enquires are 0705 679 0400 and 0814 003 7167.


“All Nigerians are invited to join this noble campaign for the electronic voting system in Nigeria”, Ibibi Tienabeso Esq. stated.