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'My Plans For The Movie Industry', Astrocraft Boss, Seyi Akinsola Reveals



Seyi Akinsola is poised to be one of the new game-changers in Nollywood, working tirelessly to bring entertainment to audiences with quality and creative content. Although his work may take place mainly behind the curtain, for now, the impact is nonetheless spectacular.


Born about 50 years ago in the idyllic town of Ijebu Jesa, in Osun State, Nigeria, Seyi is poised to become one of the most influential and famous filmmakers in Nigeria, with his influence spreading across the ocean.

He started his journey as a consulting assistant with Bond Consulting Limited in the late ’90s where he rapidly rose to become the consulting manager through a dint of hard work and commitment. While at BCL he championed many consulting assignments in the area of education consulting, OHRM and strategic services. He also recruited top-level personnel for many clients.

Seyi relocated to the UK in the early 2000s where he worked for several blue-chip organisations in finance, energy and telecommunication, working as a software quality engineer.


Seyi obtains on merit an honours degree in theatre art from the University of Ibadan. He followed this up with masters in Managerial Psychology from the same university. He also holds a Master degree in Information Technology from the University of West of England specialising in Software Engineering.



Seyi Akinsola, the CEO of Astrocraft Productions and the Executive Producer of ‘DIEKO, intends to provide a platform for quality Nollywood movies that is topical and germane to society.

He recently spoke to Citypeople Head of Movie Desk, BIODUN ALAO, on the journey so far, and what to expect from the stable of Astrocraft


Can you take us through your journey into the movie business?

Most people usually ask how I got into movie productions, and that is because they don’t know about my journey. Most people knew me as a Management Consultant or software engineer.


So how did I get into movie production?

Actually, I studied Theatre and I had the privilege of being trained by the best in the industry at the University of Ibadan. Ibadan is the cradle of academic theatre in Nigeria.



My project was supervised by Jonathan Haynes, now a professor. Perhaps he’s the most knowledgeable person about Nollywood who is not a Nigerian



However, the theatre couldn’t give me the type of money I was looking for at that point in my life. I worked as a presenter after my first degree but left the job after 3 months. The money was bad. Very bad. My take-home did not take me to the bus stop,



Then I went for a second degree In Management. I then came back to join the consulting circle until I left Nigeria. Again when I left Nigeria, I realised that consulting will not give me the type of money I was looking for, so I went back to school again and did a Master degree in Information Technology, skewed towards software engineering. And that provided what one was looking for and a bit more


Then at a point you realise that where the next meal is coming from is no longer a problem, the kids are sorted, then you are in a position to start looking at the next challenge and that is why I am back in Nollywood.

One of my visions is to make stars in this industry. Part of the strategy is that in every movie I make I will feature unknown people, people who have not been featured in movies before and I knew we will discover great talents.

I want to make money from Nollywood, but it will still be fun for me even if money doesn’t come on time. So I set up a company called Astrocraft Production. It will be the mother company for other companies that will come under it. I have huge dreams in the media space, for event planning/management, show promotions, and all that. But let’s start with Nollywood. I have about seven scripts I have spent millions upon, waiting to be made.


Did you foresee these many challenges when you ventured into the movie industry?


The position or point I was coming from is slightly direct from other filmmakers. Most of them want to make money immediately but I want to invest, so if I am not making money immediately that will not break me, it is an investment and the name will be out there, the quality of what we are making is out there. I know there is a problem with finance, problems with marketers, copyright issues and piracy and lots of other challenges in the movie industry. I am not unduly bothered.

I also know that I can make movies over here and sell them abroad. I can find platforms abroad and they will sell my movies forever. Take for example Uncle Tunde Kelani is still making money from “Ti Oluwa Lo Ni Ile” and “Saworode” and he will keep making money.



So for me, I don’t need the money that I put into one production immediately or need it to make another one, so not getting it immediately won’t break me. I have given a lot of thought to these challenges. If I had gone to the bank to take facilities to make them then I would have been worried, at least to make money to pay my loan.



What I was really worried about is actually the integrity of people I was working with and that is very key for me. If I am on set with you, I want you to be honest, hardworking and straightforward with me because I am not on ground. I need to depend on people. Seun (Faseru)is a very capable and dependable person and I know his family. He is my Ijebu Jesa brother. I can easily report him if he misbehaves (laughs!!!) Though he won’t misbehave, he has not misbehaved so far.

I don’t want to do business with people I don’t trust and because of money, they will want to take one’s life, so for this, I don’t go into business or partnership with people.


However, I have been working with Seun, I entrusted everything to him. Despite all that he will still insist I pay some people directly into this and that account. So, that Ijesha integrity is the only commodity I’m looking for and I am happy to have found that in him. So we will work hard for the next couple of years and see where God wants to take us


You talked about making new stars? How do you intend to do that, with lots of audiences who are only crazy about popular faces?


Again, it comes to patience. Yes, people want to see popular faces, but the popular faces too also started one day. Also, the popular faces today will die off some days. People at some point will like to see new faces. And moreover, once you are talented you will be noticed, take for example when did Broda Shaggy come on board? Mr Macaroni, nobody gave them chance, but today, they are established, self-made people, and there are several other talented people like that, looking for a platform to showcase what they have.



So we will give them opportunities and if they deliver, we will keep using them and before you know it, people will notice them. Anybody that works with me will be put at ease.



Another thing about me is that nobody will leave my set without being paid if I don’t have money to finish any production, I will not start. If I have worked with fantastic guys then they should get paid well for a job well done. So because we are not looking for big profits immediately, we have decided to take risks with people and if you are good at what you do and very professional, we will continue to work with you till whenever.



There is a guy called Titi Jeje I like what he is doing, he likes using new faces too, also there are some people who are also very versatile their delivery, both in English and Yoruba movies is top-notch. So those are the type of people I really like to work with.


Why the decision to produce two movies at the same time?



I know I can handle many projects at the same time, so, my wife and Babaseun Faseru created two teams, one for each movie. The two teams didn’t see each other, though there are actors who are in both productions, their schedules didn’t clash and everything was done successfully, and I am very happy and pleased with the quality of what we have.


A lot of filmmakers in Nigeria now wants to produce cinema-standard movies, so do you have such plans too?


The two movies, we have made were just to announce us to the industry. Because of where I am coming from and where I want to go, nothing will keep me from cinema and Netflix. I understand Netflix is difficult irrespective of the standard of your movie. But I don’t necessarily need to rely on Netflix Nigeria, I can sell my movies to Netflix U.K. All the stories I have written are all Nigerian and British enough to be considered in both territory

So I could sell them in Nigeria or U.K., so it’s even possible I sell in the U.K. before Nigeria.



Actually, the film I told you we were working on with so much budget was for Netflix. But we will like to slow down and announce ourselves with these two, and that is why we are premiering on Sunday and we decided to make it small as well. We did not make it a ticketed event, just strictly by invitation, my friends, my family and professional colleagues to see what we have made and give us honest feedback. I have never made a movie in my life though I studied Theatre, I also know a good movie when I see one.

So, we are hoping people will give us honest feedback with this, then we will take the feedback and put it into the next production. The next movie will be for the cinema


Do you have a relationship with any other filmmaker in the industry considering the fact, that you are one of them now?

Because I have been away for a long time, even people that we were in school together, that are filmmakers, we are not as close as we used to be. I don’t know them anymore. They too don’t know me. It’s been so long. I know a lot of filmmakers by name and I am sure some will be able to recognise me when we see one-on-one, so that’s just it.


Can you take us through your background?


Someone once asked me during an interview to tell them about myself, I just laughed and said, I will bore you if I try doing that. I am from Ijebu Ijesha. I never came to the city until after secondary school.

But it’s been a fantastic journey. When I left school (university)l, I did little work as a TV presenter with a producing company. We were airing on NTA Channel 5. I presented a program with a lady called Marian Arthur. I did for 3 months and left, then went back to school; I came back afterwards and again I left for England and did other things. Prayers were answered; I am not a billionaire, but I’m comfortable; comfortable in the sense that I don’t need a lot, I only need food, clothes, a roof over my head and just one car. I don’t need G Wagon, I just need a car that can take me from point A to point B.



After God did all that, and a little extra to take care of other things and I can now consider putting it into some other things which I have planned to do before then, so that is the journey so far.

But it was not easy at the beginning. I once trekked from Orile Agege to Ojuelegba. which is part of the journey, I went to see my brother and he was not at the office. It was tough, my parents didn’t leave money for us we are all doing well now but all self-made. It will all be in the book one day.


Do you have any regret so far?

No regrets at all, zero regrets. If I have the opportunity to go back, I won’t change anything, the only thing I would have done faster is to marry my wife. Marrying her was like a total turnaround in my journey. When God blesses you with the right woman that is actually made for you, you will still be happy even if you are poor. My wife has been there. We once lived in Ikorodu and the area was so bad that she would have to carry water so I can wash my legs when I get to the main road when going to work. I was training people, bank managers etc but we were poor like church rats but our story changed gradually.



So I have zero regrets. I was supposed to study Law but decided to go for Theatre Arts. I considered the years for each course and ditched law for Theatre Art and thank God I did. I wouldn’t have met my wife and my journey would have been different. I am indeed grateful for how everything turned out and don’t have any regret.

So finally Astrocraft has come to stay and our plan is to produce two movies every year, though the pandemics affected us this year. I was supposed to come home in July but couldn’t. But by the special grace of God, we will do two movies next year and they will be cinema standard and hopefully sell to Netflix after that.

Saturday, 30 October 2021

FEGOCO PH Alumni Holds Health Walk In Lagos



The old student of the prestigious Federal Government College Port Harcourt, FEGOCO PH, on Saturday, 30 October 2021, converged at the Catholic Church, Admiralty Way in Lekki, for a purposeful walk in a campaign for physical and healthy wellbeing.


The 9-kilometre walk kicked off around 8.30 am from Admiralty Way to Lekki Link Bridge. The Alumni who participated did three laps back and forth adorning purple jerseys, and ensuring that all COVID protocols are observed.


Medical personnel and facility were on ground for emergencies, with an ambulance and escort vehicles. The walk was well organized as the team followed traffic-free routes.


President of the Federal Government College PH Old Student Association, Mr Gogo Kurubo who spearheaded the Health Walk, emphasized the importance of staying healthy. He added that walking has long been considered an ideal form of physical exercise.


It is easy, accessible, requires no special skills or equipment, poses little risk of injury, and can be done virtually anywhere, he told newsmen. 


Mr Gogo Kurubo is a COVID-survivor who has remained at the forefront of the campaign for staying safe and complying with COVID-19 safety protocol.


Having survived COVID, I have come to appreciate the importance of exercise and how it fosters comprehensive body wellness.


He added that a collective cause like the health walk is effective in contributing to overall weight loss, lowering BMI (body mass index) and body fat percentage, and decreasing blood pressure.


“Our approach to advancing the blossoming drive for health and fitness, through the Health Walk, also reflects our capacity to create value for our community. We have made it our responsibility to encourage the general public in the adoption of lifestyles that promote good health and well-being, he said.


Speaking about the role of the Alumni, Mr Gogo stated that the Alumni has been a huge inspiration for him and for other members.


Having left school about 40 years back or 10 years back to meet up, the excitement was visible as old friends and schoolmates see one another for the very first time in many years, and the nostalgia is awesome.


Beyond the Health Walk, the Alumni association aims to play very significant roles in other areas such as education, infrastructural development of the Alma mater and maintenance of high education standards in school through the organisation of scholarships for students.


Through this Health Walk, it is also believed that the alumni is achieving the vision to make sports that instrument for unity and development among members and the community by extension.


Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Real Reasons You Should Invest In Jonliz Investment Service Today



Great Jonliz Investment Services Limited has officially announced its operation in real estate investments and has called for prospective investors to key into the opportunity it offers.

Want to jump straight to the best? Jonliz Investment Services is definitely the best real estate investing platform for most people, giving subscribers the opportunity to invest in real estate with as low as N500,000.00 and earn 32% profit in 12 months.


Jonliz Investment Services is a property investment platform that streamlines the commercial real estate investing process and provides investors with a wide range of opportunities and products to grow their portfolios. The innovative platform is the first of its kind to make commercial real estate investing more accessible to regular investors.

The Investment plan varies from Diamond Plan, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan with 32%, 39%, and 47% profit respectively.

Jonliz Investment Services offers the opportunity to invest in real estate without physically having anything to do with the property. It equips investors to hold a stake in real estate without worrying about any issues by taking the administrative issues off your shoulders and set investors up to make passive income without worrying about the finer details of property management.

JONLIZ Investment Services Limited offers a unique online platform that enables investors to handle the entire commercial real estate investing process right from their Jonlizvest dashboard. With rigorously vetted property listings, expertly managed Return On Investments, and a commitment to providing top-notch service and support to its members, Jonliz Investment Services makes commercial real estate accessible to everyday investors.

Jonliz Investment Services Limited is a Real Estate Investment Trust located in Nigeria, with a buoyant Asset for Capital Investment

This company is having in its management a team of Business investment experts, legal practitioners, accountants, real estate agents, Surveyors, Architects, and Estate valuers. With over 9 years of active involvement in real estate business in both Nigeria and the United States, the management of Great Jonliz Investment Services Limited thought of birthing a company specifically for the purpose of handling Crowd Investment in the field of Real Estate ONLY.

Prince Olaniyi Karonwi, the MD/CEO speaking to newsmen about the new platform noted that Great Jonliz Investments Services Limited does not engage in Ponzi/Pyramid businesses and as such, do not entertain discussions on short term investments of 2-3 months as every investors’ funds will be invested in Real Estates Businesses in the high rising areas of Nigeria.


“It costs time and energy to Secure lands, Prepare for constructions, build and sell before profit is made so our shortest term package is a 12 months Investment”, he said.

“Great Jonliz Investments Services Limited has 3 categories of investments and everyone is free to choose any package best suitable for his/her investment purposes.

“Simply visit, Select your investment package, and proceed to pay for it. Our system will auto-generate random ID for your transactions. Include this ID in your Transfer/Deposit (Narration or Remark) when paying into our bank account. Once your Payment is verified, we will set your profile up on our platform and e-mail your login details to you to finish setting up your profile.


Submit your "Know Your Customer" (KYC), submit a Selfie of yourself, your government Issued Identification and your Next of KIN details.

“After submitting these required details, you are on your journey to an endless financial investment growth scheme”, he said.

Here are the Investment Packages:

A) Jonliz diamond real estate investment plan (32% profit in 12 months) minimum N500,000.00 – N10.999.999.99

B) Jonliz gold real estate investment plan (39% profit in 18 months) minimum N11,000,000.00 – N100,000,000.00

C) Jonliz platinum real estate investment plan (47% profit in 24 months). Minimum N101,000,000.00 – N500,000,000.00.


From your investment wallet, you can then choose any of our investment packages and invest in it. What stands Great Jonliz Investment Services Limited out from other investment companies is the fact that every investor will be able to monitor his daily earnings right from the comfort of his internet-enabled devices.


Great Jonliz Investment Services Limited is a company duly registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission RC - 1791599 to carry out the businesses of Real Estate Investments.

Friday, 1 October 2021

The Rising Profile Of Popular Producer & Filmmaker, Ololade Ebong


With over 15 films (International and local) in her career, filmmaker Ololade Ebong continues to prove herself as one of contemporary cinema’s most empathetic and skilled chroniclers of Nigerian youth.

Ololade’s ability to write and direct such tender films has long been bolstered by her interest in casting them with fresh new talents, all the better to sell the veracity of her stories and introduce moviegoers to emerging actors worthy of big attention.

She is one of the filmmakers who aren’t just directing independent features, but are also acting, directing alongside major Nollywood franchises.

She continued to prove that immense talent is not bound by gender, race, or any other classification.

Ololade is an artist from Lagos/Oyo States and the MD/CEO of Speed Film Production, a production outfit that has produced some indigenous movies such Ife - Aimo, Ipin Mi (1 & 2), etc.

Interestingly,  she has been observed to be shooting back to back in locations in Ogun and Oyo States. Currently,  City people are informed that she is back in the studio to tidy up the production processes for Omo -odo, Slaves, and some television series.

Her hard work has endeared relevant entertainment organizations (internationally & locally) necessary industry recognitions such Cannes in France, WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival in Texas,  Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Nollywood in California, African International Film Festival in Nigeria, California's women's Film Festival and the City People Awards in 2019 as well as 2021 for 'Best New Producer of the year'.

Thursday, 30 September 2021

Senator Tokunbo Abiru COVID-19 Financial Relief: Beneficiaries Get Cash Support For (9) nine Consecutive Month running



For nine (9) consecutive month running, 1,079 beneficiaries of the Senator Tokunbo Abiru COVID-19 Financial Assistance received direct credit in their respective bank accounts today across 98 wards of the 16 Local Governments and the Local Council Development Areas, LCDAs in the Lagos East Senatorial District.


Those that benefitted this September belong to the Batch A category. Over a thousand beneficiaries in the category B will receive support next month.


 The COVID-19 support scheme which kicked off  January, 2021 in fulfilment of the promise made by the distinguished Senator during the electioneering to assist the poorest of the poor across the Lagos East Senatorial District.


Selected beneficiaries have been getting N5000 assistance bimonthly (i.e once in two months) since the beginning of the year and it will run through the year by way of direct credit to their bank accounts.


Beneficiaries include physically-challenged persons, aged, unemployed youth, widows and other vulnerable people in the senatorial district.


Senator Abiru, an accomplished banker has been breaking new frontiers in less than ten months in the saddle.


The Senator's legislative agenda which is predicated on provision of good to the greater number of the people is already being felt across the socio-strata in the district.


Concerned about the plight of constituents and other road users plying Ikorodu/Sagamu Road and Ikorodu/Itoikin/Epe Epe Road, the distinguished Senator moved a motion calling on the Federal Government to urgently intervene on the two critical roads.


Following the motion, Contractors have since moved to site on Ikorodu Sagamu Road.


Under same period, Senator Tokunbo Abiru sponsored a bill titled, ‘The Copyright Act Repeal And Re-enactment Bill, 2021’ that will replace the extant Copyright Act Cap C28 LFN 2004.


The critical bill that will revolutionize the knowledge and intellectual property industry has scaled second reading on the floor of the Senate. Public hearing will be held on the bill in October.


The Distinguished Senator also facilitated a four blocks of 24 classrooms equipped with furniture and modern instruction materials, 16 toilets to Aga Primary School. The completed blocks of classrooms is completed and billed for commissioning soon.


In Epe, a mini stadium is currently under construction. A 40-bed Primary Health Centre is coming to Agboyi-Ketu LCDA..


In October, a whopping 600 brilliant tertiary institutions students in the Lagos East Senatorial District will benefit from the Senator's Annual Bursary Scheme.


And in November, The Office of Senator Abiru in partnership with Fate Foundation, about 1, 000 Micro, Small and  Medium Enterprises in the District will be trained in a two-day MSME Clinic.


Enitan Olukotun


Special Adviser to Senator Tokunbo Abiru

(Media and Publicity)

Thursday, 23 September 2021

How Popular Ota Families End Agelong Land Dispute


If there was something that took away sleep from the eyes of Ogun governor, Dapo Abiodun, it was how to settle land ownership rift among families from various conflicting alleged owners. This is the story of the age long rift between Ajangboju Koniwo Agbogbo Akindipe  and Fatusi Ogedengbe families in Atan Otta, Ogun State. The crisis, which predated his administration, had brought the community to its knees, having defied measures by previous administrations to resolve it.

It was said to be a matter of land ownership that developed out of what was regarded as famlily- driven conflict.

 Ajangboju, Koniwo Agbogbo Akindipe, who are the appellant has claimed the ownership of a vast expanse of land measuring 6,477,124 acres located lying being and situated at Imojuba Town, Along Atan Ota, Owode, Idi- iroko road, Ogun State, more particularly described on Survey plan number AKN/OG/074/97 dated December 8th 1997 drawn by Surveyor S,O Akinde. The appellant in their casefile alleged that the Fatusi Ogedengbe had illegally infiltrated and trespassed on the land and attempts to claim ownership.

 This created a major crisis, erupting into fatal confrontations between the two communities.

For many years, the families engaged each other in battle.

However, after several peace efforts deployed by popular property outfit, Reality Global Properties Limited, the age-long family hostilities between the two clans has been settled. On September 15, 2021, spokesperson of Reality global properties, Princess Foyinsola converged the leaders of the two families and their lawyers:  Sola Ojutalayo (SAN) for the prosecutor and Olusola Dare for the defendant and prevailed upon both families to settle the case out of court. The two parties were made to sign an agreement on land ownership and boundary delineation.

In his remarks, Foyinsola Agbedina, assured the delegates from the families’ justice and a fair playing ground, as she appealed to the Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Edward Ajogun, to ensure that land disputes do not degenerate into unnecessary bloodshed, in the interest of justice and to help the society to uphold the sanctity of the rule of law.


Meanwhile, the Director-General of the Bureau of Lands and Survey in Ogun, Aina Salami, has commended both families for the peaceful resolution that was resolved to. He however reiterate that any other party or group of people that may want to reignite a fresh dispute, by claiming ownership or trespassing illegally on the land shall face the full wrath of the law, no matter how highly placed.



Thursday, 2 September 2021

Sacking of Two Federal Ministers By Buhari: A Misplaced Priority Says Erelu Tinuade.



The globally acknowledged ambassador of African traditional cultures and Erelu-Oodua of Aye Kingdom, in Ondo State, Erelu Tinuade Mabel Onaneye has criticized the sacking of the Minister of Agriculture, Mohammed Nanomo and his Power counterpart, Saleh Mamman by President Buhari, saying it's a misplaced priority and efforts in wrong direction when there are more pressing issues needing urgent government attention.


She made the declaration from her base in Texas, United States in a Press Release she granted, endorsed and made available to the press and general public via her media aide, Saint-Olawale Jimoh, shortly after the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adeshina, announced President Buhari's decision in the morning of Wednesday 1st of September, 2021.


'In the face of serious security challenges that has made Nigeria a laughing stock within international communities, one begin to wonder if firing Ministers of Agriculture & Power is what should be the next action from any serious President.' She blasted.


'All the efforts and momentum channelled towards hunting down Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho and others should have been directed towards winning the battle against Boko Haram and his murderous herdsmen called bandits ravaging our lands.' Erelu added.


In conclusion, Erelu enjoins President Buhari and his cabinet members to focus more on the safety of lives and properties of Nigerians rather than creating unnecessary distractions all in the name of convincing Nigerians they're truly in charge. She says if anyone should be sacked at this present state of situations in Nigeria, it should be President Buhari himself who has failed Nigerians in all ramifications.

Wednesday, 25 August 2021





Little Aisha Bashiru, 3, has been in hospital since June 2021. She was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and currently undergoing treatment at Bloom Boom Paediatric Center in Lagos. Little Aisha’s parents need financial assistance of more than N500,000 just as deposit for her examination and preliminary treatment, according to the doctor’s advice.


A medical report signed by Dr Ehierim, on behalf of the Consultant Physician Nephrologist at Bloom Bloom hospital, reads in part: “The 3-year-old girl is yet to make urine despite the fluid challenge. An assessment of severe sepsin with acute kidney injury is discovered."


“The best treatment option for chronic kidney disease, in terms of improved quality of life and long term, is a kidney repair. The above requires substantial funding,” he said.


Narrating her ordeal to our Correspondent, Mrs. Bashiru said life has become so burdensome and painful as a result of her daughter’s sickness which had drained the family’s resources.


She said that the family could no longer bear the financial cost of the series of tests and referrals which they had undergone in the past two months.


Just on Tuesday, the girl was transferred from Lagos to Babcock specialist hospital for treatment and was later referred back to Lagos for another test.

Aisha is currently at Bloom Boom Paediatric Centre in Lagos where her mother has made  payment for series of tests, aside from the registration fee of N35,000.00

Mrs. Bashiru is soliciting financial support of N500,000.00 from the government, kind-hearted individuals and corporate organisations to keep her daughter alive.


You can reach the parents/guardian on 0803 407 5430 or donate into this bank: Suleiman Adejoke Bolanle GTB-0495174520, or Zenith 2005095692

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Attack On Nigerian Defense Academy: Aftermath of Pampering Banditry In The Name Religion & Ethnicity Says Erelu Tinuade



The highly revered global custodian of African cultures and Erelu-Oodua of Aye Kingdom, Erelu Tinuade Mabel Onaneye has blamed the attack on Nigerian Defense Academy Afaka-Kaduna yesterday morning on compromised leadership and aftermath of pampering banditry and insurgence in the north by Fulani-led Federal Government all in the name of ethnicity and religious bigotry.


She made the declaration from her base in Texas, United States in a Press Release she granted, signed and made available to the press and general public via her media aide, Saint-Olawale Jimoh, shortly after the attack on the morning of Tuesday, 24th of August, 2021.


'It's a national tragedy and big shame in a nation headed by a former military general. Unfortunately, we cannot expect anything lesser when Buhari-led federal government continue to pamper bandits and murderous herdsmen all in the name of ethnicity and religious bigotry.' Erelu lamented.


'Today they're apprehend, tomorrow they're pardoned, rehabilitated and placed on monthly salary or absorbed into Nigerian army. I don't know of any nation that romances banditry except Nigeria.' She added.


In conclusion, Erelu says until the security apparatus and measures to tackle insurgency and banditry are clearly spelt out by the federal government with all sincerity, this problem may linger and metamorphose to large scale attack, citing Afghan-Taliban example.

Multichoice Nigeria Settles With Music Industry, Pays MCSN Due Royalty


This is the best time for musical copyright society as the Musical Copyright Society Nigeria Ltd/Gte (MCSN) has announce that it has reached an amicable settlement with Multichoice Nigeria Limited on the judgment which MCSN secured against Multichoice both at the Federal High Court and the Court of Appeal, for the broadcast and distribution of musical works in the repertoire of MCSN on all Multichoice channels within the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This was made known in a statement released by the Copyright Society on Tuesday, August 24, 2021

According to the settlement also covers other exploitations of MCSN’s repertoire on other sister platforms of Multichoice up to 31st December 2020.


Having attained this milestone, MCSN and Multichoice Nigeria Limited now see each other as sister organisations which must work for the success of the other, particularly in the area of exploitation of  and remuneration for intellectual works, notably musical works, sound recordings and ancillary works.


Since the information filtered out that Multichoice has settled with MCSN and that payment has been made, MCSN has been receiving series of inquiries and in some cases, outright demand for a share of the money paid to it by Multichoice.


In response to this inquiries and demands, MCSN would want to assure everyone that due process is being followed in dealing with the subject matter as follows:




MCSN’s Management would make a formal report of the outcome of the settlement to its (MCSN’s) relevant authorities, particularly the Board of Directors and Members’ General Meeting in formal communications and meetings.




Management would then make proposals to the bodies on how the money should be allocated in line with best practices, all which is still an ongoing process.




Noting that the settlement and payment were recorded in the course of the year 2021, MCSN would draw a line between which years should what particular payment fall in and deal accordingly.  For instance, MCSN has to determine what allocation would be made to each year from 2006 and who benefits from whatever distribution allocated to each year, from which all MCSN’s members and international affiliate societies would certainly benefit.




One thing which MCSN has made clear and which its Board agrees with is that all liabilities from the past would not be loaded on and borne by this single payment, as this settlement is purely an opening for more past, present and future incomes.




MCSN would therefore want to assure everyone that any and everyone who has any contractual, legal or even moral claim to the payment would certainly be paid, without any form of sentiment, emotion or blackmail.




Those who have genuine stakes and claim in MCSN should have their fingers crossed and await development.


It is hereby directed that all members, who have registered and been admitted into the membership of the Society since 2006 should update their records, particularly their bank details with the Society, as the Society have migrated away from cheque and cash payments.


Recall that 5.9billion was recently paid by Multichoice to MCSN through Appeal court judgement. Content creators and music artists are implored to register and upload their contents on GoCreate to access the fund.