Monday, 27 March 2017

Foston Utomi’s wife ends their marriage on their one year anniversary

News broke last week that Patoranking's label boss, Foston Utomi, CEO of Foston Musik, battered his wife, Ajoke and threatened to drown her in her blood.

The couple were to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary yesterday but Ajoke has announced the marriage is over.

This was a couple that met on Instagram and Ajoke was so happy when they were about to tie the knot that he held her hand and supported her despite her parents' resistance because she got pregnant with their son, Kendrick while in school.

Ajoke had shared photos of her self covered in blood and said her husband striped to his underwear in
front of her & his friends and battered her for hours. His friends, she said weren't able to subdue him as he was allegedly determined to kill her.

Ajoke added she has forgiven her estranged husband:
This time last year you were full of smiles, laughing and dancing like I've never seen you. You were HAPPY. And you made sure I had a perfect day. I didn't get my happily ever after, and yes you did awful unimaginable things to me, but knowing God has a plan for me or he wouldn't have counted me worthy of even seeing today, makes me choose to only count all the beautiful times you went out of your way just to make me laugh and make me happy.

Today I was staring at our amazing son while he slept, i forgave you and I prayed for you for the first time in all these months, that you conquer your demons and find peace and happiness and I genuinely this morning, wished you a great life. Our marriage is over, and it's for the best, but today will always hold fond memories for me.

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