Friday, 10 March 2017

I'm Living My Nollywood Dreams- Ghana Actress, Gina Mensah

The Sultry Ghanaian beauty is a fast rising Nollywood thespian. The light skinned actress who got into the industry about 8yrs ago has acted in countless flicks and even produced one of hers. A few days ago, Gina told the story of her life, most especially why she settled for the kleighlights  .
Asked why she settled for acting, she was quick to forget the immediate past year and thinking big on 2017.Hear her: I’m doing a lot of big stuff this year, and a catalyst for that is my moving away from many of this Alaba movie for big time cinema stuff, classic movies, the type of movies people want to pay to see.

Specifically, Gina mentioned that she did a lot of movies in 2016, most of which are yet to be released into the market by its Producers. "I want to change to a more mature kind of movies this year, when you grow in the profession you will know that there comes a time to take very critical view of how you want your future to be shaped in Nollywood, for instance, the type of movies you wanna do, the people you wanna work with and the Producers you want to handle your jobs. It’s like a new year resolution for me and I'm already doing it although last year I really did a lot of movies, this year is a big step further.

The beautiful actress revealed that she produced a movie last year which was shot both in Nigeria and her native Ghana.
On her role model, Gina says star Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson leads a pack that includes Oge Okoye and famous actor Nkem Owoh."Mercy for me is the best because of the strength and character she puts into play. She’s simply the best. In Ghana, Jackie Appiah has no rival.

Perhaps unknown to many of Gina's fans is the fact she's lived most of her life in Nigeria and not her native  Ghana."I not only live here, but I also started my acting career here, and I bear no regrets, but I also joined the industry about 8yrs ago, and I have not even started yet.Now people are beginning to wonder who Gina Mensah is but I'm trying to keep my head straight and follow my dreams.

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