Friday, 7 April 2017

For Femi Adeyeye: Our Yeye University Heads And Mumu Police Force And Jankara Judges By Charly Boy

So, as una no fit provide quality education and conducive environment for growth and learning, na to dey arrest and rusticate students wey complain remain.. Abi? As education system don collapse, university authorities, una still get the mind to dey go on strike?
Kai, which kin winche dey worry my people sef!
Abeg, na wetin be the problem of University heads these days? Which law dey empower una to deyrusticate students for asking for their rights? In fact Ehn, some of you students should be ashamed of yourself! Most of you are not physically challenged, yet, you are docile to the point of ignorance. You all kept mum over the rustication of one of your colleagues. Una no know say an injury to one is an injury to all?
Of all the jagbajantis wey dey happen for Unilag, and across most of our higher institution of learning, na thejankara arrest and detention of Femi Adeyeye vex me pass! Wetin happen na?!!
God save una say una release am ooo.
think say una no dey fear, una for leave am pass today make we for see wetin for happen. Nonsense. 
Parents dey battle with the regular strike that keeps our students idle but una own na to dey silence and intimidate students who know their rights and are standing up to the messed up system. Boys, now you can see who the real enemies are.
How can a University ignore its values and tenets only to embark on a student union vendetta? Wetin be unaproblem?! Una go soon begin see anyhow o.
Because pikin wey say him mama no go sleep, him self no go sleep ooo
As for Femi Adeyeye and other Student Activists wey una been arrest for protesting and fighting for their rights. I want to let you guys know that you all are my heroes. Because of youths like you, I am emboldened. I strongly believe that Nigeria can only be saved by its exceptional youths. You guys have proven that you stand out. I am with you all the way in this fight to see our nation return to normalcy and to retrieve your stolen future.
Welcome back, guys. Aluta Continua!!
God punish bad people!!!
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