Thursday, 14 September 2017

Seun Egbegbe's Fiancee & Daughter Pay Pasuma A Visit [Photo]

Pasuma is one of the nicest guys around- well that's because he still reckons with Seun Egbegbe. So Seun Egbegbe's babymama, Adenike Yusuf recently visited Pasuma Wonder -may be over Seun Egbegbe's inability to meet up with his bail conditions and Pasuma was seen carrying his baby as they pose for photographs.

Seun who is still in Kirikiri prison, has been unable to meet up with his bail conditions and has been going to court from prison. Presently, Seun has two major cases in court which runs into several fraudulent charges. His families still believe he is being framed up, but Nigerians are saying otherwise. 'Was he framed up when he went into the market to steal 6 iphones pretending to want to pick up cash from his car and attempted to drive off?' Many asked.

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