Wednesday, 22 July 2020

See the recent picture of lady used for Joy soap's advert in the 19s

There are some things the aged ones in the society will see right now, which might make them to start having the memories of the time they grew and some things they did then while they were still growing.

Seeing some olden days advertisement pictures of some popular products like, OMO detergent, which is no longer in existence, Palito fm player, Walkman and so on might start bringing old memories and be making one smile without any reason.

Just like the things mentioned above will bring good memories, the first advertisement on this Joy soap, which was used in the olden days might also bring some memories to one's head.

Instablog posted the picture of a lady that was firstly used to advertise Joy soap in the 19s which most young boys and girls might not be familiar with, but elders who have been born then and are still alive now will be familiar with the advert..

The pretty young lady that was used for the advert then, as now turned to an healthy looking old woman

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