Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Reasons Many Yahoo Boys Are Rushing To Live In Gated Estates


Ever wondered why you no longer see those Yahoo boys you frequently saw years back showing off their latest cars, jewellery and lavish lifestyle which oftentimes anger onlookers especially the have nots. The big story is they have shifted base.

Its no longer fashionable for Yahoo boys to live in the area they grew up and the big reason is the fear of security agencies such as the Police or the EFCC catching up with them. It is  known to many  that most Yahoo boys like showing off once they make any hit. Some of them still living with their Parents quickly move out to live elsewhere. For some of these guys, the urge to make a statement to their peers within the area that they are no more on the same social level is the reason they still hang around. However, that was then. The latest development is that many of them no longer live in that your regular street and this is basically because of fear of prosecution by the almighty EFCC. Many of them have simply relocated to gated Estates which they deem secure for their scamming activities.

A few years back, it was almost impossible for a young guy to live alone or rent an apartment in many of the gated Estates simply because of the cost. Apart from the exorbitant prices, the lifestyle of an average yahoo boy would have simply given him away. However, following the EFCC onslaught on their activities especially under the President Mohammadu Buhari regime, the guys have simply moved into many of these Estates far away from the prying eyes of the public. These Yahoo boys go through all sorts to pay the high cost of these properties. In cases where one party cannot meet up with the cost, he teams up with one or two persons, however there is a no go area for them; they make sure they are not more than three so as not to raise suspicion of other Residents who could go ahead to blow their cover. They also don’t mingle much with Residents unlike in the open street where everyone knew them and what they do. Although some of them still get caught by security agencies after due surveillance, the streetwise among them often make friends with the Estate Security men who enjoy cash gifts from them. Those security guys are the ones who tip them off if any strange face asks for their house address. Since the Security guys are normally the first contact with the Police if the guys are being hounded, they quickly send them signals to take cover.

All the gated Estates within Lagos, Oyo and Ogun states are host to many of these fraudsters who device new methods of evading the Security agencies each passing day.

According to the EFCC,the agency secured a record 890 convictions  between January and October,2019.

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