Saturday, 3 April 2021



The lies and propaganda of Tony Okoroji and COSON have caught up with them..


Last week Tony Okoroji and his team went around social Media claiming that he was not arrested and none of his staff was arrested. But this week the same man that called the event of his invitation to the Police Headquarters in Abuja  a fake news is the same person admitting that the security agencies, namely the Nigeria Police, the Directorate of State Security (DSS) and the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) are after him because he was allegedly collecting money illegally and using it for his personal gains.


We all remember that the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) suspended COSON license and finally revoked it altogether for lack of transparency and accountability.  The Nigerian Broadcasting Commission also included in the 6th Amendment of the Broadcast Code that all users of Intellectual Property must pay royalties and contact the NCC if they are not sure of which Collective Management Organization (CMO) to pay.


Well, the chicken has finally come home to roost as Tony Okoroji is now running from pillar to post looking for the authority that will protect his suspected criminalities or that will ask the security agencies not to question and investigate his activities as COSON chairman.


He has brazenly presented his organisation to a lot of corporate companies which has now become  accomplices in misapportioning monies meant for musicians while impersonating as a Collective Management Organisation (CMO) without Approval or Licence to do so.


When all his connections has apparently failed him he has now ran to court to aiming to stop the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Department of State Services (DSS) from investigating him.


Why are they afraid of Police investigation by running to the court to seek refuge from being investigated? We keep our fingers crossed.


We will wait to see how a former public company which was registered as  Limited by Guarantee handling public funds wants to stop the Nigerian Government and its law enforcement agencies from investigating the collections and spending of monies belonging to Nigerian Musicians in the name  COSON without approval and in the face of a subsisting judgment nullifying the company.


The interests of Nigerian Musicians are bigger than the interest of an individual who claims to be all-knowing, all powerful and bigger than any institution or authority in Nigeria.


We at PMAN said it before that this individual can fool us sometimes but he cannot fool us all the time.


Whether he sues the Federal Government and add the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Tony Okoroji will still give account of what happened to the monies he collected on behalf of musicians in Nigeria. The era of manipulation of people and the legal system will not continue anymore.


Going to file a Fundamental Human Rights case against the Agencies of government cannot give anyone  cover to continue in illegal operations or stop the agencies from carrying out their constitutional duties. If those concerned, Tony Okoroji and his team, have not done anything wrong why then are they afraid of been investigated?


COSON has been proscribed by the judgment of the Federal High Court in Suit No: FHC/L/CS/274/2010 and as such COSON is not a juristic person and it is no longer known to law in Nigeria.


We are ready to call out and expose whosoever tries to connive with Okoroji and COSON to obstruct the agencies from doing their civic duties of Investigation on matters involving huge amounts of money belonging to Nigerian Musicians and their foreign counterparts whose music are exploited in Nigeria, which were apparently paid and collected under false pretences.


Your strategy of propaganda has failed because we are all wiser in the industry Now.


PMAN is following the unfolding events and will be giving musicians regular updates as the drama continues.


Pretty Okafor

PMAN President.

Friday, 2 April 2021

ADC Youth Hangout, the novel and innovative ADC conversation and learning platform


ADC Youth Hangout, the novel and innovative ADC conversation and learning platform and the ADC Youth Council will decide 2023. "Following from the youth activism during the #ENDSARS, it is clear that Nigeria youths are prepared for political leadership."


Asked whether he supports the call from Igbo leaders for South-East President in 2023.

The African Democratic Congress, ADC, says in the interest of equity, justice and unity of Nigeria, the next president in 2023 should come from the South-East geopolitical zone of the country. Maintaining that the interest of the country should supersede individual aspirations, he insists that there are quality presidential materials from all zones of the country. He urged all Nigerians to show patriotism and stop leaving in denial that parochialism is pulling our country from taking its rightful position.


The Chairman of ADC Chief Ralphs Okey Nwosu said this in a web interview with select media.


Chief Nwosu said it will be unfair to Nigerians of the South-East extraction to be denied the opportunity to produce the next President.


"in view of the fact that it’s one of the few geopolitical zones of Nigeria that is yet to produce the Executive President of Federal Republic of Nigeria," he added


Nwosu who made it clear that his view may not be in tandem with the decision of his party, said the choice of the zone to produce the next President after President Muhammadu Buhari should be based on fairness, equity and justice, noting that the management the diversity of the country requires mindfulness and efficient application of diversity principles.


On the chances of his political party to wrestle power from the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) at the federal level and at the states level, Nwosu said ADC is prepared to upset bookmakers in the 2023 General Elections. That Nigerians have become wiser, as a result, attempts to use the money to buy their conscience will fail.


" We have gone back to the drawing board, we have reflected on our past performance at polls and have come out with a new strategy to win big in the next elections cycle. "Inclusion is key to us, we don't sweep people off the bus neither do we let Nigerians out in the rain or severe weather. With our handshake symbol, we shake hands and pull everyone along".


He explained that the party is mobilising the youth and women to takeover the space and make changes for the good of Nigerians. "ADC Youth Hangout is happening across Nigeria and the talking points in all the sessions are suiting, appealing, empowering and inspiring that it has become one of the strongest learning platforms in the country".


When asked that ADC did not perform well in the last General Elections, Chief Nwosu debunked the insulation saying the party won many seats at the National Assembly and in about 12 states house of Assembly in different states.


The ADC Chairman accused the Independent National Electoral Commission for conniving with the executive branch of government to undermine free and fair elections in the country all the time out.


” I disagree with anyone who says ADC didn’t do well in the last General Elections, Without fear of contradictions INEC worked against us (ADC) because of the sudden postponement of the elections when we had expended all our resources to pay our party agents across Nigeria.

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Confusion As Royal Family Asks Oba Gbolahan Lawal To Vacate The Throne



Confusion As Royal Family Asks Oba Gbolahan Lawal To Return The Oniru Crown, Admits He's Illegitimate For The Stool


When the system of selection of ruler is riddled with conspiracy and selfish plot, the consequence is usually grave on the generality of the community.


The Oniru of Iruland Gbolahan Lawal has become a nemesis to his patrons and handlers, as he has turned the Iruland that we knew as a place of solace, to home for thugs, assassins and marauders.


Ever since Gbolahan ascended the undeserved stool, numerous people ‘disappeared’ under his reign and several respected men and women in the community have been attacked and harassed by his boys.


There are countless cases of Gbolahan’s thugs inflicting life-threatening injuries and metaphysical charms on anyone he suspects to be an opposition.


There are also indications that the Oniru is disillusioned that he has not only dumped his key people who risked everything to give him the underserved Obaship status, but also turned them to disposable entities.


Recently some legitimate and recognised royal families of Iruland could no longer take the excesses of Gbolahan Lawal, whose reign has been on record as an imposed crown bearer, who has been handpicked to do the bidding of his paymaster, and they call for his removal from the royal stool.


The Ewumi Branch of Abisogun Ruling House recently called on Gbolahan Lawal to vacate the stool for Prince Hakeem Ajasa, who was one of the legitimate candidates for the stool at the time.


It was reported that Ajasa willingly surrendered his aspiration to Gbolahan, who was never in the race at the time.


Prince Monsuru Ajasa, who spoke on behalf of the Abisogun family said that Prince Gbolahan Lawal never showed interest from the inception of the In-house, Ewumi Royal family and larger Abisogun family nomination, selection and election processes such that Prince Lawal’s mother even gave her consent and blessings to Prince Ajasa’s selection/election when visited at Iru Family Resettlement Scheme.”


Prince Monsuru Ajasa further stated that Hakeem Ajasa was elected at the Olori Ebi’s House in Mile 2, Lagos and all Prince Lawal’s siblings were present, evidence that Prince Lawal was not amongst the contenders and did not show interest neither did he follow due the process as stipulated by the Chieftaincy regulations but was merely imposed on the family by Bola Tinubu.




In view of this development, therefore, the Abisogun have now rejected Prince Gbolahan Lawal in totality. The Ewumi Royal family of Abisogun Ruling House have since requested that Prince Gbolahan Lawal returns the crown and also vacate the throne.




Gbolahan’s reign of terror and his ruthless style of rulership has not only seized the peaceful serenity that the people of Iru once enjoyed,


Wherever Gbolahan passed, the grass will never grow again. He has demonstrated a chilling disregard for the sufferings of his own people and mercilessly crushed any opposition.


Things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold in the fold of Gbolahan. Heads are already rolling in his own fold.

He has ordered his thugs to take to the streets to intimidate and suppress anyone who challenge his excesses and recklessness in Iruland.


Recall the viral video that showed how some men were attacked by Gbolahan’s thug in December 2020, at a family shrine, where many people were severely injured and the 200 years old shrine was reduced to nothing.

Gbolahan’s reign is replete with examples of less than stellar leadership. His penchant for violence, murder, genocidal tendencies, and other deviancies is unquantifiable.

It is hoped that the paymasters who imposed him, will see through his tyrannical style of leadership and treat the situation as a matter of urgency, as his paranoia may destroy Iruland.