Saturday, 14 August 2021

Nigeria moving towards cholera outbreak in IDP camps – EDWIIN


Nigeria is moving close to a major cholera outbreak if urgent sanitary measures are not put in place at the Internal Displaced Camps in the Northeast. The awareness and advocacy for government intervention has intensified, following the surge of cholera outbreak at the Kuchingoro camp in Abuja, where 9 people die within two days and over 246 people were infected.


Author and convener of the Empathy Driven Women International Initiative, EDWIIN, was a guest on Arise TV to discuss the cause of the Cholera outbreak, and urgent measures to take to prevent future occurrences and the fundamental plight of IDP camps in Nigeria.


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How did you come to be involved in this particular plight and what was it that drew you to feel you could make a difference?


Okay. I went to work in Abuja, and I asked someone, I said I have been hearing of IDP camp, can I please visit one? And that was in February; this is August. I just couldn’t leave those people. I’ve been going there ever since like every other day. And we have been able to move one stead ahead of the other. I have been able to work with a lot of partners, and I have visited other camps, but I can say that there are some camps that are a little bit more organized, but the problem is the same all over.

Now in Kuchingoro Camp, there is no hospital whatsoever. What you have is just a shop that has one retired matron that comes once every week.

How many people are we looking at?


We’re looking at 1,750 people in one camp, and of course, we are also looking at 255 births between 2016 and 2021; and then we are looking at 400 children, and women and men.

And not only that, we are looking at open defecation. There is just one borehole that works and six tanks to serve 1,750 people. When I said open defecation, it is open defecation. You can imagine 1750 people defecating openly every day. So, a cholera outbreak was imminent, because when we went in there, it was like everybody is just going to die here.


There is another report that 146 people have died from this cholera in Kebbi state, and 2028 persons are infected


 Yes. In Kuchingoro, there were over 30 infections, but what we were able to do immediately was administer ORT and then we were able to take some of them to the hospital. But then we lost 9 people in 2 days, not even in one week.


What have they been doing, before you came into the scene?


Well, what they’ve been having is what I can call topical interventions, not integrated interventions, when people come and say they want to help, but they just take pictures and look good before the camera, and they’ll say “we’ve gone to the IDP Camp. We’ve given them food, and all, but we don’t have integrated intervention. So, what I am talking about is that they need at least two more boreholes, and like 1000 litre to the 50,000-litre capacity tank. We need to improve their hygiene. They don’t have water. And even with the boreholes, we still have to talk about pumping the boreholes


Who funds the pumping of the boreholes, how do they pump the borehole? During the day, the water can be pumped, but the water that is pumped to the 6 tanks don’t go round.


So the urgent intervention right now will be two new boreholes out there first. Because even when we intervened with the ORT and lots of sugar and salt to do the mixing, we also had to buy cartons and cartons of water to prepare it.


What can be done to ensure that, they minimise this outbreak for those living in the IDP camps?


What we have to teach them personal hygiene. For us to teach the women skills, because we knew it was not going to be easy working with these women, we took like a week to provide the women with bathing soap, deodorants and everything, because we are going to be working with them. And they were really excited. They were happy because no one had actually come to teach them skills and take their hygiene into consideration. So for them, personal hygiene was like a learning process.


And very importantly I want to say, there’s a lot of infections and STDs in the camp. If you have 255 children between 2016 and now, certainly, a lot of activities have been going on. And so we are working on having the very first reproduction health medical outreach; working with doctors and medical practitioners.

Monday, 9 August 2021

Momentum Builds As First Ever Creative Industry Conference Set For October 1st



On Saturday, 31st July, 2021, Nigeria’s umbrella outfit for creative industry, Creative Industry Group officially announced its partnership with the Musical Copyright Society Nigeria (MCSN), and Performing Musicians Employers' Association of Nigeria, and Empressive media to organize the very first ever convergence of all creative sectors in Nigeria.

The event has since garnered interest and anticipation is high for the 1st of October, which is slated date for the event.

Other partnering groups include Society of Nigerian Artists, SNA Fashion Designers Association of Nigerian FADAN, Association of Nigerian Authors,, Actors Guild of Nigeria and many more.

Nigeria’s umbrella outfit for creative industry, Creative Industry Group, has positioned itself to set the ball rolling in putting talents and exclusive initiatives into the path of profitability and reward, as it is set to partner the all-encompassing Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria  and  leading PR company, Empressive Media to launch the first ever convergence for all creative minds in Nigeria to discuss the way forward amid the major challenge bedevilling the industry; Copyright


 Tagged “The Nigerian Creative & Media Conference”, the event is scheduled to hold on Independent day, October 1st 2021 in Lagos and will be aired live for participants across the world to engage.

Speaking with newsmen on Saturday, 31 July 2021 Mr Nosa Omorege, the CIG Publicity Secretary stated that, creativity and artistic careers are now becoming a lucrative business globally and there is an increased awareness among Nigerian Youth as it has offered a new level of opportunity and means for Financial Liberation for young minds.

While the media keeps scouting new young talents in every area of arts and entertainment, we believe these young minds are supposed to be guarded and protected against all forms of manipulations that comes with content exploitation.


The news platforms also have a great deal of work to do in projecting true talents beyond any forms of kickbacks. This program will discuss these issues among many other salient issues that revolves around joining forces with all other copyright platforms.


We intend to bring in MCSN’s Go Create and introduce the app to every content creator to secure their work and let their work be able to put food on their table.” He said


President of PMAN, who lauds the idea commended CIG and all partnering platforms for the initiative and pledged to support in every capacity required from PMAN


“I believe this conference will offer learning opportunities to content curators, bloggers and social media users on creative and branding strategies, monetization opportunities and structured business models, successful digital business principles and other topics that will prove advantageous for Bloggers in all fields. It will also provide a networking opportunity for media practitioners to meet and share their knowledge.” He stated.





It also aims to introduce the new digital networks to the new creative platforms from the stable of PMAN, MCSN, CIG and other platforms that protects copyrights of contents.


Tagged “Monetizing Your Content Amid Limitations”, the event is free to registered participants. But for space constraints, only the first 500 proposed participants to register will be sent the admission code to enter the conference venue. All other interested bloggers after the first set of 500 registered participants will be encouraged to watch the live streaming and live feeds of the event This conference is programmed into workshops, keynote presentations, insightful talks, collaborative round table working sessions, and panel discussions from recognized experts in business strategy, customer-relationship building, branding and monetization of social media.

Popular Filmmaker, Olu Micheals Clears The Air Over Misconceived Allegations Against Him


Against all the rumours going round on some microblogging handles about top actor and show promoter, Olu Micheals over using his highly reputed travels platform, Forbes Global Project International Limited, for fraudulence purposes, the actor has finally come out to lay all the matters to bear before newsmen on Monday, 09 August 2021.

Recall that some microblogging platforms (name withheld) raised allegations against the actors, based on unconfirmed complaints forwarded to them.

Speaking comprehensively about what transpired, Olu Michaels took time to explain the bottlenecks that come with visa application since the interruption of the deadly covid-19 virus and how the U.S and Canadian Governments have reduced the numbers of visas to be approved vis-à-vis countries of prospective tourists or intending students.

He reiterated the money-back policy of the company and urged affected customers to be patient with his brand as every customer who has been affected will be refunded.


He wrote:


On Sunday 25th of July 2021, a publication was made regarding myself (Olushola Micheals ) and Forbes global project international Ltd. I am making this post on behalf of myself and Forbes Global in order to explain and clarify things. Forbes Global Project has a money-back guarantee which means that if a client's visa is denied and upon request by the client, we take the necessary steps to refund the client's money between 4 to 8 weeks.

Unfortunately, in recent times, business instability and the harsh economic reality have caused us not to be consistent with the time frame for refund. However, we have always made certain that we stick to our refund policy.


Some Of our affected customers whose names and faces appeared on the Blog post and comment section of the recent publication must have been forced to engage with the Blog for the following reasons:


 Firstly, since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and more particularly from the start of the year 2020, the Canadian High commission reduced issuance of tourist visas and further in the year put it on hold totally. However, we continued to make applications even up until late 2020 and these applications were accepted along with the visa fee by the Embassy But no response was given for several months. As we speak, we still have quite a number of clients who have applied for Canadian tourist visas and to date, their applications are still pending at the embassy.


Some of the clients have been to our office requesting for a refund simply because they can’t wait forever. In response to their requests for a refund, we have initiated the process of refund. While some have been paid in full others have been paid in part, even as their applications are pending at the embassy.


Secondly, USA visa applicants are also affected by the effects of the global pandemic. Some of our clients have gotten their appointments while others are still waiting for appointment dates simply because there is no appointment-free date until 2022 both at the Lagos and Abuja offices. Despite the above, some of our clients have asked us for a refund as they are running out of patience for their interview dates. We are currently engaged in talks with all our affected clients and must confess that our businesses have been hurt by the negative publication.


Forbes project agrees that there are still quite a number of pending refunds to be made to the affected clients. However, we have never denied the fact that any client who is not pleased with our services has a right to request a refund. We have always pledged to refund our clients upon request. Some of our affected clients have been paid in cash while others have received post-dated cheques as proof of our pledge to refund. All We are asking for is your patience as we take urgent steps to remedy the situation.


We hereby use this medium to appeal to our esteemed clients to please bear with us as every request for refund will be attended to, in due time. To those we failed, we sincerely apologize, yes we aren’t totally exonerating ourselves, we ask for patience and forgiveness.


As an organization that deeply cares for its clients and their welfare, we apologize and appeal to our esteemed clients for their continued patience as we hope to serve you better in the coming days. To all our esteemed clients who are aggrieved by our shortcomings we ask that you forgive us. And for any further complaints, requests or need for clarification we would be happy to attend to you if you reach us through our usual communication channels.

Sunday, 8 August 2021

Cholera Outbreak In IDP Camps, As 9 Die In One Week


The cholera outbreak in the IDP camps in Nigeria reaffirms its public health threat to the country. Evidence on the current epidemiology of cholera required for the design and implementation of appropriate interventions towards attaining the global roadmap strategic goals for cholera elimination however seems lacking.


Scores of cases of cholera have been reported in Kuchingoro IDP camp with 9 deaths within one week, newsmen report.


Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal disease caused by Virbrio cholerae bacteria. It is passed on from faeces through contaminated food, drinks and unhygienic environments, and causes severe dehydration. Infected people can die if their illness is not quickly managed with rehydration


Further investigations by a team of journalists reveal the deplorable state of Kuchingoro IDP that camps no fewer than 1700 persons. The camp has no adequate water, as only one borehole serves the entire population.



Recall that EDWIIN in it's program in July drew the attention of the World Health Organization, WHO, and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC to the rate at which the people in the camper suffer from an inadequate supply of clean water and sewage system, which has been discovered to be the cause of the outbreak.


The inclusive-driven NGO partnered with a number of organizations and schools to provide an emergency intervention in July, but the effect was minimal as donations and contributions served only for a couple of weeks.


Speaking to newsmen on Saturday, August 7, 2021, Uri Ngozichukwuka, the convener lamented the situation at the camp and appeal to government agencies to, as a matter of urgency, come to the aid of the Kuchingoro IDP, and save them from the clutches of the disease, by providing adequate hygienic water supply by constructing boreholes within the camp


Further investigations reveal that the new KUCHINGORO IDP camp has only one functioning borehole that serves over 1700 persons.


The camp has no hospital but a basic drug supply window and a twice-weekly visit by a retired nurse.


Medical aid camp has also been ravaged by STDs and infection due to open defecation, where there is not adequate sewage system.


Some well-meaning Nigerians have been feeding the children daily to keep them in school. As hunger looms over the camp the school is where they readily get at least a meal a day.


“We are calling on well-meaning individuals to help raise the living conditions of these displaced persons”, Uri said in her response to newsmen.


EDWIIN has been partnering with so many groups to bring succour to the camp. Amongst such is The Education Reform group. A team of resolute distinguished professionals concerned with restoring and redefining the education landscape of the country to meet contemporary international standards.


The team lead is Mrs Yemisi Subair, a chartered accountant and an author.

It will be recalled that on May 27th Standard Bearer School's CEO Mrs Modupe Adeyinka Oni also launched the I-Africa which pushes for a rural online school. The children in the IDP CAMP will also be the key recipients of this project.


NGOs continue to bring partners into the camp in so many areas however the cholera epidemic has hit hard with so many deaths within a week. 


According to Modupe Oni, one of the volunteers and early education specialists, there is a need to urgently raise the hygiene level and awareness to prevent more deaths.

For material needs, there is an urgent need for a clean soup Kitchen, supply of toiletries, disinfectants soaps. Supply of mattresses and bed sheets and bed frames are also needed.


Interested volunteers and donors are requested to reach out through 08024367544 for updates and donations.